Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Like The Night Is Taking Sides // Twelve

After downing half of the bottle of whiskey, I finally felt the alcohol start to hit me, and I knew Taylor could feel it too. As we lay sprawled out on the floor of my bedroom, I felt Taylor's arm sneak around my waist, making me giggle. 

"Please tell my why you're pushing me away," Taylor slurred, kissing my stomach.
"Mickey." was all I said as tears welled up in my eyes. 
"He was my best friend," Taylor said rubbing his face, "I spent everyday with him, you don't think I feel bad? You don't think I miss him?"
"That's not what I said..." I trailed off and stared blankly at Taylor. 
"I miss him so much. Everyday." Taylor closed his eyes and sighed. "But I know that wherever he is right now, he wants us to be happy. He's our best friend, he wouldn't want us to be miserable all the time." 
"Taylor... he was my boyfriend." I said clenching his arm, "He meant the world to me."
"Dammit Jasey! He meant so much to me too, but you know what? You mean everything to me now. And if I have to fight for you everyday, I will." Taylor announced, turning to face me and giving me a prominent stare. "Jasey Rae, I love you."

At that moment, I knew my head wasn't only spinning from the alcohol. Taylor laid there, his big blue eyes waiting for my answer. My mind couldn't decide what to say, so I merely leant over and kissed Taylor softly on the lips. My breath hitched as he kissed me back, rougher, but still so delicately. He kissed my eyes closed, and I replied quietly,

"I'm pretty fucking sure I love you too."


  1. oh



  2. Short but so sweet, and it needed to be said. He's this towering pillar of support and I just hope for her that he doesn't crumble. Happy to see this one so soon :)

  3. I absolutely adore this story to pieces!!! Please update soon!! I feel so bad for both of them