Friday, April 23, 2010

Just How I'm Breaking Down // Nine

We drove all morning. We sped down every major highway in Western Ontario, and found ourselves lost in the middle of no mans land. We drove and talked an laughed for nearly 7 hours before finally coming to a stop on the side of an old dirt road.

"Where are we going, Hall?" I asked for hundredth time giving me a playful shove in the arm.

"We can go anywhere. We've got our passports and a tank full of gas. It's all up to you." Taylor said grining, and reclining his seat back far enough for him to lie down.

"Well why don't you surprise me then." I said raising an eyebrow.

"Honestly," Taylor took a deep breath, "There's no where I'd rather be than with you."

I stared at him dumb-founded, and before I could even begin to speak his soft lips were crashing down on mine roughly, making my heart pound. He pulled me on top of him, never once breaking the kiss, as I tangled my fingers in his hair. He slid his lips down to my neck as I struggled to catch my breath. I took one look into his big green eyes and I just knew. I knew he was everything that was right for me right now. I knew that wherever Mickey was right now, he was glad this was happening. I knew at that precice moment, that Taylor Hall was saving me. I knew he was slowly mending my shattered heart. And I knew he'd never stop trying to lift me back up. I just knew. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. I figeted with his belt as he gave me a questioning look.

"Are you sure?" he asked taking my hands and kissing them both softly.

I nodded and pressed my lips to his once more. He peeled off his shirt, and continued to do the same to mine. He flipped himself on top of me and slid off his pants. Placing soft kisses all over me. I gasped slightly as he entered me, but my pain was quickly put to rest by the touch of his lips against mine. I closed my eyes, and for the first time in a long time, I felt my mind go to ease.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Which Would Completely Explain // Eight

I woke up the next morning by the sound of my blinds being drawn and the sunlight flooding my room and hitting me obnoxiously in the face. I sat up, yawned and rubbed my swollen, puffy eyes. I scoweled and looked at my window, only to see Taylor shuffeling around my room and turning on my radio.

"Get up, princess," Taylor said grinning coffee in one hand, a bag of chips and his car keys in the other. "Get up, get dressed, grab your passport, let's go."

"What the fuck, Tay?" I snapped, "What are you doing here?" I glanced at the clock, "And at 7 am!?"

"We're leaving. Now." Taylor said smiling and ripping the covers off of me.

"Oh and leaving where may I ask?" I said sleepily as Taylor tossed me a sweater and a pair of jeans.

"Oh, I dunno yet." Taylor smirked as I caught the jeans and smiled. Sure it was spontaneous. Hugely spontaneous. But he meant well, right?

I stripped down to my underwear and changed right in front of him, not bothering to go to the washroom.

I smirked as I saw him stare out of the corner of my eye. I grabbed my passport off of my desk and took his hand that he had extended towards me. He led me out my door and down to the driveway before opening the door to a red Mustang.

"Ready?" he asked me as he sat in the drivers seat and started the car.

"I guess so." I said with a faint smile on my face as he sped down the road, with no sense of direction or time.

Maybe this was just what I needed, I thought to myself as I watched Windsor slowly disappear behind me.

Maybe he's just what I need.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'll Never Find the Words to Say || Seven

[Taylor's P.O.V]

As soon as I saw Jasey freeze when she looked into the dressing room, I knew she was going to have a hard time going out and delivering her speech. When she turned and gave me a sorry look, her cheeks glimmering from her tears, I felt my heart drop. If I was going through a hard time without Mouse, I can't even begin to understand how much she's going through. I watched as she ran out of the doors of the arena, and sighed deeply.

I felt an arm on my back, giving me a few symphathetic taps, and I turned around and saw my teammate Ryan Ellis.

"They want us out on the ice now, Hallsy," he said patting my back again.
"Okay, I'll be right out." I said as I continued to stare at the spot where Jasey had stood only moments ago.
"She'll be alright, she just needs time to process, just like everyone else." Ryan said staring at the same spot as me.

I headed into the dressing room to fetch my helmet and found myself sitting in my stall, staring at the spot next to mine where Mickey should be sitting. I kept staring. Maybe if I stared long enough, Mickey would reappear and everything would go back to the way it was. When I was Mickey's bestfriend, and I wasn't falling for his girlfriend. I stared and stared, and after a few minutes, when nothing appeared, I stood up, took a deep breath, and made my way to the ice. I'd have to deal with reality for now. And reality was that Mouse was dead, Jasey was suicidal, and I was falling in love with her, despite it all.

It was time for me to step up, and play hero. I wasn't going to let Jasey hurt for any longer, this had been going on for too long, it was time for her pain to stop. I'm going to make sure that it stops. I'm going to fix her up. I'm going to let her breathe again. I'm going to rescue her.