Saturday, June 26, 2010

#1 Overall

Taylor Hall.
Number one overall.
Is this real life?

I've been watching this guy play since his first year in Windsor, and I think it's incredible how much he's grown as a player. I can't believe the day has actually come where he's been drafted. Unbelievable <3

So in Taylor spirit, a friend of mine started a Taylor Hall story, and I think y'all should read/follow/comment.

Chapter 14 is on it's way soon, sorry for the long breaks in between chapters, I'm going to try and update more regularly. When I first started this story, I never thought that I'd get to 19 followers. This is crazy. So thanks for all the comments and feedback I've been getting, it really helps me get more done. The more comments, the faster I write.

Peace, <3

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  1. Gabby you are seriously the best
    love you girl<33