Sunday, December 27, 2009

And Now My Dreams, Are Nothing Like They Were Meant To Be || Three

Taylor had decided he'd stay with me, seeing as he didn't have a game or a practice to go to. I was grateful for that much. As much as I resisted having anyone around me, Taylor understood what I was going through. He was as close to Mickey as I was, and I knew that Taylor was going through a hard time too.

"I think you need to start going back to work," he said, "You'll lose your job if you keep this up."
"I can't." I said, staring at the mattress I was lying in, then back at Taylor who was lying next to me.
"And why not?" he said, turning around to face me.
"Everything about my work reminds me of Mick." I mumbled, "He was always my number one supporter of my career in photography, he inspired me to go to classes and take internships, I can't go back now."
"Look, I know it's going to be hard, fuck, I mean, I had to go play again without my captain and friend. It was like there was a hole on the ice, something was missing. But you can't throw away your entire career, you have worked way to hard for it." Taylor said as he took my hand. His hand around mine sent shivers up my spin, his hands were so warm. I gripped onto his hand tighter.
"I'm sorry. I'm making this all about me, and I'm barely recognizing that this must be just as hard for you." I sighed, "I'll go back to work... Monday."
"It's a start," he said squeezing my hand as I closed my eyes and drifted off to an almost peaceful sleep, Taylor's warm body pressed up close to me, flashes of Mickey in my dreams, showing me good memories something I hadn't dreamt about in a long time.