Friday, April 23, 2010

Just How I'm Breaking Down // Nine

We drove all morning. We sped down every major highway in Western Ontario, and found ourselves lost in the middle of no mans land. We drove and talked an laughed for nearly 7 hours before finally coming to a stop on the side of an old dirt road.

"Where are we going, Hall?" I asked for hundredth time giving me a playful shove in the arm.

"We can go anywhere. We've got our passports and a tank full of gas. It's all up to you." Taylor said grining, and reclining his seat back far enough for him to lie down.

"Well why don't you surprise me then." I said raising an eyebrow.

"Honestly," Taylor took a deep breath, "There's no where I'd rather be than with you."

I stared at him dumb-founded, and before I could even begin to speak his soft lips were crashing down on mine roughly, making my heart pound. He pulled me on top of him, never once breaking the kiss, as I tangled my fingers in his hair. He slid his lips down to my neck as I struggled to catch my breath. I took one look into his big green eyes and I just knew. I knew he was everything that was right for me right now. I knew that wherever Mickey was right now, he was glad this was happening. I knew at that precice moment, that Taylor Hall was saving me. I knew he was slowly mending my shattered heart. And I knew he'd never stop trying to lift me back up. I just knew. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. I figeted with his belt as he gave me a questioning look.

"Are you sure?" he asked taking my hands and kissing them both softly.

I nodded and pressed my lips to his once more. He peeled off his shirt, and continued to do the same to mine. He flipped himself on top of me and slid off his pants. Placing soft kisses all over me. I gasped slightly as he entered me, but my pain was quickly put to rest by the touch of his lips against mine. I closed my eyes, and for the first time in a long time, I felt my mind go to ease.

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  1. aweeessss=
    how cuuutee:)

    keep going !

  2. lovely. Absolutely lovely. where are they going? running doesnt solve the problem, just takes away the pain. :)

    loveit loveit love it<33

  4. I don't think I'm too happy about this.